Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back to Square 2

Hi Everyone,

So my showcase didn't pan out the way I had hoped but it was a fantastic experience nonetheless.  Each agent really liked my glasses, which I had decided to make my "character".  Since I wear these two toned glasses that my friend Bonnie calls, Caramel and Chocolate almost everyday it doesn't seem right to present Tara as someone who doesn't wear glasses.  Also they each said either good job or nice work, but at this time I am not someone they would like to represent.  That's okay.  There are other agents in the Los Angeles pool and I will knock on each of those doors.

I was disappointed this afternoon reading over the evaluations, just because of the rejection of it.  Then I heard myself say, "They gave you feedback. Keep the glasses. You will find the agent that will appreciate you for you and help you."  So I know now, I have to get new headshots that play off my quirkyness and go from there.  Thank you God for the starting point!  At least I know what direction I am going in now and it makes me feel at peace with it all.

I also found out I got cast in Cyrano de Bergerac and they want me to be a sword fighter, which I laughed my ass off about after my stage combat audition :)  Oh the irony, of the life of an actor, seriously!  I am also playing a nun, which is awesome!  I have always wanted to play a nun since watching The Sound of Music when I was a little girl.  Maybe I was a nun in a past life?  Holy Molies!  Can you imagine?  Probably you can, so nevermind :)

Until tomorrow.  Take care.

All my love,


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