Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Songs From the Heart

Hi Everyone,

I had class tonight and it was another powerhouse class.  We had to memorize a song and perform it as a monologue which is harder than it sounds, due to when I sing songs, I know all the words, but when I actually have to say it without singing I have a hard time remembering the words.  I chose the U2 song, One.  It is a song I identify with for some reason since I first heard it back in 1992.  I remember the video and Bono sitting in a chair as the camera pans farther away from him.

All the songs tonight, brought out these powerful emotions from everyone whether it be sadness, anger, happiness, longing, nostalgia, etc.  I cried 4 times and laughed out loud on some.  What I have been learning through this class is that comedy has nothing to do with laughing out loud, it is all about truth and vulnerability.  This is what Brad is trying to get us to do in our work, be vulnerable.  It has been difficult, but also very rewarding.

Next week we are going to be rehearsing our final scenes.  I am doing a scene from When Harry Met Sally and I am going to be working with my friend, Brandon.  Tomorrow we are going to decide which scene to actually do and try and cut it down to five minutes.  The great and most difficult thing about this will be cutting down the scene, just because WHMS has such great dialogue that is truthful and has stood the test of time.  I am already getting sad that I only have two more weeks of the class.  I can see the progress everyone has made from day one, so it will be strange when it is over.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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