Friday, October 22, 2010

Signing Off for Now

Hi Everyone,

So here it is, the last post of my blog for a while and it will be anti climatic.  Today, was just a regular day for me, which I think is the way I should end this blog.  I went to work in the California sunshine, which presented itself after a two week absence and I got to make some money and come home.

I came home, made lunch/dinner and began working on my close up work for my on camera class I take on Tuesdays.  I emailed a bunch of associates and friends to thank them for working with them in Brad Garrett's class, and am now getting ready to go over the script again for A Scrooge and Marley Christmas Carol.

Ten months ago, I didn't know what an actor's life was like, I had sporadic doses of it in NYC, but now I am starting to get a groove going of classes and projects.  The classes and projects are giving me inspiration to write again, which give me the strength to write my own projects and get me excited for what is going on right now in my life.  I have been very fortunate and have been blessed ten fold over the past year and I really can't fully grasp the positivity I feel in my life.  I am at my poorest financially that I ever have been, however I feel so blessed spiritually.  I must keep moving one step at a time toward my dream.  And I thank you for following me along the path during these past 10 months, it has been a blast!

Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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