Thursday, October 21, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Hi Everyone,

I realized today that I only have one more post after this and I got a little sad.  I have come to enjoy writing the blog from day one.  I have always known I write to release tension and work through my thought processes.  Writing has been a healing force for me since I was a child.  Through this blog, I have begun writing a diary everyday like I did in elementary, high school and college.  I then moved to writing stories, books and plays after the Peace Corps.

The blog has been a very strange experience at the same time that it has been enjoyable.  It is a little strange that my blog shows up on other people's websites and I have followers.  I have learned a lot about the internet and what I don't and don't mind sharing online.  As I said, I have been ignoring relationships because I have put my life on here, and haven't really taken the time to do the same for my friends and family.  It is a strange relationship, the internet.  Everyone can see it if you choose.  Everyone can follow your life if you want.  It can give a very insecure person a sense of belonging and fellowship because of comments and a fanbase, but it doesn't fill the hole, that loneliness creates.  I will be the first to tell you that moving to California was a lonely experience for the first six months.

The blog was a friend during that time.  It was a place I could come to, to jot down the confusion, anxiety, frustration, excitement, jubilation, loneliness, and chronicle the small steps I was making to form a life here in this new environment.  I am grateful that I will have this record of this time in my life, because I don't think it will ever be created again in my lifetime.  I have been blessed with opportunities and things have fallen into place here, like out of a movie.  I really can't believe my luck!  I hope that the end of this blog is just the beginning of bigger opportunities and more  open doors than I could ever imagine.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,



  1. Oh Tara! Your blog, your courage, your vulnerability, and your beautiful words and experiences. Be brave, be confident, be open, be delighted, be curious, be you... you were my first scene partner and Steve knew what he was doing when he paired us up. I am inspired by you and will miss following you online, but I know that we will continue in our friendship.
    You are a great actor and a great person!

    HUGS from Georgia!


  2. Thank you Bree!!! You made me cry :P I cut and pasted part of the second sentence you wrote and posted it on my bedroom wall :) Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder! I really am grateful for Steve's class, because I got to work with you and so many other talented people who I know will always be rooting for each other! I am so excited for all the opportunities you have had in Atlanta and know that you are going to go far! And one of these days I hope we work together again, because I know that YOU are a great actor and a great person!

    HUGS right back at ya!