Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working Through the Heat

Hello Everyone,

Today started out with a workout at Equinox.  I took Antony, a castmember in Candida up on his offer to take his Pilates class.  I told him I was more a yoga girl, but he told me Leanne Rimes was in his class and I like her abs, so I decided to go.  He beat me up with the work out  he did.  I was grunting, sweating, swearing and hating my life when the workout was over.  He explained that all of the people in Santa Monica want beach body abs, or a body where they look good naked and you can't have that if you don't work your ass off literally for it.  Two hours after the class I was already in pain.  It was a good class.  I joked with Antony and his wife Jennifer that at the show tonight, if the lights didn't come on it was because I was snoring away in the booth.

Ah, the booth.  Also known as the oven and I am the turkey.  L.A. is going through a heat wave as we speak, so where the theatre is located the temperature hit over 100 degrees today.  The booth where I have to be above the stage is not air conditioned, but it does have two oscillating fans.  In between acts I would put the fans on and go down into the dressing room and hang out with the cast to cool off.  I purposefully wore clothes I had made in Africa because they are made of material for this kind of weather.  I don't use the fans during the show because I can't hear the actors.  The theatre has a speaker for me to listen to the actors, but I always forget to turn it down when I cue the music for the end of the acts and then I blow out my eardrums and anyone below me.  So I don't use the speaker.  It works for me.  Even though we didn't have a show on Friday because we didn't have an audience, Saturday and Sunday had a good number of people attend.  I hope we are able to have those amounts for the last weekend next week.

I am going to go take a cold shower now and cool off.  Hope everyone has a good week.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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