Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Season

Hi Everyone,

Tonight we had the big meeting at the theatre company to go over shows that we might like to produce for the 2011 season.  The list of shows that were thrown into the pot were fantastic and exciting.  We have classics, comedies, Shakespeare, farce, musicals and dramas.  I don't want to tell you what they are because I am superstitious and I hope that the ones I want, are able to be commissioned and produced, so I will have to postpone my hopes until the list officially comes out.  I would have to say that the company suggested over 50 productions and they were all productions I wouldn't mind seeing.

As I was driving home I had a very strong urge for chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and not just the small size.  Something all day has been gnawing at me, but I am not quite sure what it is just yet.  My old way of dealing with things that "eat" at me is to eat crap food.  Instead, I am going to be spending a few minutes on the couch in quiet time trying to figure out what is bothering me.  It could be as little as I stubbed my toe today and it set off a whole bunch of emotions I am not proud of, or it could be something that happened a week ago and pushed it aside as if it didn't bother me then.  I hate doing self examinations, but I do have to say that by doing this for myself I learn more about myself and I use it to fuel myself as an actor.  That is the excuse I use, because I have to see this very uncomfortable  and difficult practice of self forgiveness as a learning experience.

Tomorrow, I have my plate full again.  I am going to go to a on camera orientation class and then meet up with my Aunt Lynda and Uncle Joe for the afternoon.  I am not sure when Jen is getting back from NYC she hasn't contacted me about it, but I am excited to see her.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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