Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi Everyone,

Today was my birthday.  For the past ten years, I haven't really enjoyed celebrating my birthday, but this year, I couldn't wait.  I was bummed to know that Jen wasn't going to be with me on the day, but I have had such a great time with her "celebrating" my birthday early before she left that I was okay.  I don't usually tell people it is my birthday, but today I shouted it out to everyone and no matter what, I turned a negative into a positive, just by saying, "It's my Birthday!" and it would make me smile.  This is why.  A few days ago my friend Nicole wrote on her blog all the accomplishments she has achieved in the past 5 years and it made me think to 2005.

Back then I was in a temp job that I had been working at for 2 years with no immediate plans to be hired permanently.  I fell down the flight of stairs in my home and broke my foot, but had no health insurance to pay for it, so I dealt with it.  I enrolled in an acting class at the local community center with my friend Valerie and I loved it!  It was the only thing that made me excited.  At that point in my life I was lost.  I felt older than my years and didn't see anyway out of the cycle I had put myself in.  I was surrounded by loving and supportive friends, but I couldn't see it.  Everything was dark, everything was bitter, everything was mundane and normal and I was so mad at myself for letting myself get this way.  My imagination was filled with what if this happened or what if I met this person...

Then I decided to do some extra work because I knew that acting gave me hope.  I had no film or television experience so I researched extra work and found Three of Us Studios in NYC and I filled out the application for extra work and thought nothing of it afterward.  Three days later, I got a call to audition for a 2-year acting conservatory in 2 weeks.  I remember getting the call on my lunch break at the temp job and I was eating in my car, because I couldn't be around anyone, I needed time for me.  I remember Alberto asking me if I would audition in 2 weeks and I automatically said "Yes!"  When I hung up my phone, I cried.  Someone up there was listening and I was so thankful!  This was my chance to work my butt off toward the life I had envisioned in my head. The rest is history.  I don't know how this is all going to play out, but that moment in my life has made me thankful and hopeful for the future, which I wasn't aware of 5 years ago.  In the past 5 years I have:

I moved to NYC
Attended and graduated from a 2 year acting conservatory in NYC
I lived in Manhattan
I waited tables in the Empire State Building
I wrote two plays
I sat next to Meryl Streep for three days filming Doubt
I traveled all over the  United States
I traveled to Ireland by myself
I've met countless talented, spirited, creative artists I am able to call my friends and be inspired by their work
I've taken a Flying Trapeze Class
I've reconnected with so many friends in the past 5 years, that my heart thinks it can't get any fuller and then it grows even bigger
I've taken acting classes with phenomenal teachers
I've seen friends start families and settle down and love that I get to see them as someone new, a parent
I've seen Frost/Nixon on Broadway 5 times
I've seen Doubt on Broadway 3 times
I've seen Avenue Q 3 times
I've been a part of NY theatre
I called Dustin Hoffman a jerk to his face (long funny story)
I literally ran into Dan Abrams the reporter for MSNBC
I was mistaken for Tina Fey in Rockerfeller Center by a fan of 30 Rock
I got to root for my Mets in Shea Stadium and the New Shea Stadium ( I can't bare to call it anything else)

So, in the past 5 years I have reinvented who I am, to be someone I am proud of and want to celebrate, so Happy Birthday to me!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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  1. ugh... I hate that I am so behind on my reading of your posts...
    Sounds like it was a good day, and that list is pretty damn amazing!