Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Giants! Go Driving! Go Pilates! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited for football season to begin!  I haven't been able to watch my beloved Giants, but any game will do.  I use to hate football when I was a kid, I was more into baseball, but ever since the last baseball strike, I have gravitated more toward football.  The weather in L.A. is similar to the Poconos at this time and so I actually feel ready for football season.  The only thing I have to get used to is watching the game at 10am, that's a little weird.  Right when I am finishing my breakfast, football begins, my brain hasn't computed that craziness yet.

I noticed something today as I was driving to the theatre.  I noticed that driving makes me exhausted.  It could be all the traffic and the mundaneness of it all, but it wipes me out.  I was trying to figure out all week why I was so exhausted.  I thought maybe, it was because this has been the busiest I have been since moving out here, but then today happened.  I slept gloriously sound last night and woke up refreshed.  I then cleaned the house and dusted my room.  I read a play, went to the bank and got my car washed.  And I was fine.  I was pretty pumped actually, I was feeling good about tonight's show.  Then I was in the car for 45 minutes stuck in traffic on a Sunday afternoon at 3:30PM and I couldn't keep my eyes open near the end of the drive.  I couldn't believe it!  So I stuck my head out the window like Ace Ventura doing 15 MPH.  I wonder what the other drivers thought of me on the freeway?

I found out tonight, that Antony is a huge cycling fan just like I am.  He is also a pilates instructor in Santa Monica, so he invited me to his class next Sunday morning for free!  He says LeeAnn Rimes is in his class and I like her abs, so I am going to try it. :)  I am going to make sure I am next to Antony's wife, Jennifer, so that I can watch how to do half the moves.  I did Pilates a few times in Delaware, but I told Antony I prefer yoga because I need to work on my breath work and I find that works for me best.  We will see if he gets me on the Pilates wagon, I will see how my abs feel the next day LOL!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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