Saturday, September 25, 2010

Full of Oktoberfest!

Hi Everyone,

I am going to spell out how I feel right at this moment...E...X...HAUST...DED!  I spelt it wrong on purpose because that is how my NY accent inside my head says, exhausted.  Today, was the first day of Oktoberfest at work and I had to dress up like a fraulein...a sexy fraulein, whose skirt just covers her ass.  So for everyone who knows me reading this blog, you can wipe the tears from your eyes because I actually started to like the costume by the end.

At first it was very uncomfortable.  I was self conscious, I couldn't breathe because it seems as if there is a corset sewn into the costume and I could feel a breeze on my ass.  But by the end of the day I was rocking that costume like it was no ones business because I looked cute and I was getting good tips and I was "chicken dancing" with the customers.  I forgot to mention we had an oompah band there.  It was awesome.  I felt like I was back in Germany.  I was shouting along as the crowd yelled, "Ein, Zwei, Gazoofa!  OY! OY! OY!"  I think I convinced my whole section that they had to come back and be my regulars because we had a good time.  Well, we had a good time in between the power going out 6 times.  We had so much power going through the breakers they couldn't handle it and before the electrician could get out to the restaurant, we lost power 6 times.  Each time the computers had to be rebooted and food had to be taken out of the pizza conveyor belt because it runs on gas. Most people were too drunk to notice, but I was stressed for a few hours.

After that I went to the theatre and we put on the show.  Tonight we had a good crowd and I hope for the last weekend next week we have a great crowd in size and humor.  So now I am ready to hit the sack, unfortunately it is 80 degrees outside at 11PM so my room feels like a sauna.  Oh well.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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