Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doing It My Way

Hello Everyone,

Today was my day off!  Yay!  I slept in until 9:30am and that was without forcing my head under the covers to block out the sunlight.  I actually slept until 9:30am and it was glorious!  I did a lot today toward my career.  I ordered new business cards with my new phone number, I picked up some new plays to read and classic plays to study at the Samuel French Bookstore and I used my present from my brother to buy the first two seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

When I got out of the Samuel French Bookstore I called my friend Aida, to ask if she wanted to go hiking with me in Griffith Park.  It just so happened that Aida was parking her car to go into the Samuel French Bookstore when I called.  We stood in the street on Sunset Blvd, laughing at the coincidence.  What are the odds?!  And then Aida proclaimed in the middle of the street as we parted, "I love L.A.!"  This is why I love Aida.  She always sees the positive even in difficult situations and has such good energy that it didn't bother me that she couldn't hike with me.  I was glad I got to see her for a minute and hug her.

So I have a new hot spot.  Griffith Park.  I love the trails in the Hollywood Hills that kick my butt every time I go there.  When  Jen and I went a little over a week ago we took the Mt. Hollywood trail which starts in the parking lot of the Griffith Observatory (the famous one from Rebel Without a Cause).  That trail begins with Jen and I moving uphill until we get to the top of the mountain and then it is steep downhill going back.  The trails are sandy and gritty.  On the really steep inclines I have to be careful because it is slippery.  Today I explored the observatory and then took the other trail next to the observatory which starts by going downhill until you get to the bottom of the canyon and then I looped uphill back to the observatory.  A lot of the time downhill I was talking small steps because if I did my regular stride, I would have been running, it is that steep.  The uphill hike was hard and fantastic all at the same time!  I kept saying in my head, "Back straight, knees bent, stomach in and breathe!"  The trail is so steep going back uphill it is easy to bend into the climb and use my back as I walk up the hill.  It was a great workout for 40 minutes.

As soon as I got home I began to read plays that I bought.  First I picked up The Glass Menagerie because I am going to study it and see if it might be feasible to do it as a production at Knightsbridge.  I also picked up Mike O'Malley's, Three Years From "Thirty", Sarah Ruhl's The Vibrator Play and Lee Blessing's, Patient A.  I also picked up Shakespeare's Measure for Measure to study.   Since I have watched the interview with Judi Dench I have begun to really focus on what I love about acting.  I love exploring the character, and discovering what I have in me that makes the character come alive.  I am excited to be giving myself the opportunity to explore characters on my own and then maybe I will be able to learn new things about myself that make me tick as a human.  It is the most important part of being an actor, self knowledge.  Since I have moved to California I feel a shift in me, but I can't really pinpoint what it is that has shifted or changed.  I guess it is me in general, my outlook on myself.

I did notice something today as I was hiking.  In the morning for breakfast, I have a huge meal.  It is a mixed bowl of fruit filled with honeydew, melon, strawberries, raspberries, banana, and grapes.  I also have two pieces of sprouted bread, toasted, with natural peanut butter and strawberry preserves and a bowl of oatmeal.  It is my biggest meal of the day and it gets me through my shift at work.   This afternoon, I didn't get to Griffith Park until 4PM and I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast at 10am.  Of course it did take me an hour to finish it, but still.  I was sure I was going to be starving after my hike, but I wasn't.  I had brought my water bottle and had been drinking all day from it and refilling it.  When I finally got home at 6PM I sat down and ate a very hearty portion of my pea soup and tried one of the raw dips I read about that put banana and avocado together with cinnamon and lemon juice.  It was sweet and tangy and so good with carrots.  Before I changed my diet to be mostly vegan, I would have sworn that just eating what I did for breakfast would not be able to sustain me, energy wise, for the hike I did today, but it did, tenfold.  I really can't believe the energy I have since changing to more organic, raw foods.  I didn't become vegan because of the animals, I became vegan because what I was eating was making me unhappy and bloated and now, I feel happier and lighter in some way.  My bloating is gone and I don't retain water like I used to.  I feel like a new person!  A new person who can hike uphill to all the glorious mountain tops and shout, "I did it, my way!"

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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