Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Energy

Hi Everyone,

I had such high hopes for tonight with the reading of the movie script I was participating in.  It was a great experience but I left frustrated and disappointed.  I was most disappointed in my fellow company members.  After we read the script to the audience we had a Q&A, which would be about questions you had about the script, which it began that way, but somewhere down the line it became about how others wanted the script to end and how they wanted the storyline to go instead of what we had.

I love actors.  I hate their egos.  There were fantastic suggestions and improvements that Joseph and Jim can make to the script and I am sure they are going to do it, but then there was a lot of repetition of how someone else thought the storyline should go.  If you don't like the script, they should write one.  I think it is a compelling story that Joseph is trying to tell.  It is disturbing, dark, and twisted, but it asks a fundamental important question of human nature.

Tonight was my first night participating with my other company members in a production, that I am grateful for.  I am also grateful for the company members, even if I became a little frustrated with a couple of them, they are actors and they are passionate.  I am glad that the script got them so heated over what Joseph was trying to say in his script.  That is the reaction he wants.  He wants people to talk about the script and get angry over it, because then people will talk about it.  As I am writing this, my frustration is turning into understanding and appreciation for letting me be around such energy.  So maybe my high hopes weren't dashed after all, they just weren't what I expected.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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