Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Night

Hello Everyone,

Last night was a late night for me and I totally forgot about the blog in my tiredness.  Last night I went and saw, The Town.  It was a good movie, not as good as The Departed, but Affleck has only directed two movies to Scorcese's plethora of movies.

I also got the script for the reading I am doing next Monday.  It is a dark, script.  As I was reading it I was feeling like I did when I saw Seven.  I read it and then I let it go.  I am going to have to read it again today if I have time between work and class, just so that I can now read it as an actor instead of a reader.  The first time I read a script I try and not make any decisions.  I let the script tell the story and I am aware of my reactions and emotions, because that is my instinctual feel for the material that I will base all my work around.  It is later in the process that I will begin to play and think through scenes to discover more about the characters.  This is my first reading of a script for an audience, so I am pretty excited.

I also got my sides for my first on camera class, so I will be working on those too.  I am not feeling very much like an actor and I am excited!

I watched Hawii-5-0 last night and really enjoyed Scott Caan as Dano.  I am sure he improv'ed a lot in the scenes, but they made me laugh out loud.  The show was enjoyable enough that I would return to watch it again.

Until later tonight.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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