Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strolling Down Memory Lane

Hi Everyone,

My Aunt Peggy came home today and I met up with her and Robert for dinner.  She was glad she went, but was disappointed with Brooklyn and her memories of what it was like.  She said she wouldn't move back there anymore.  It must be strange when you were born, raised and grew up in a neighborhood and then go back 20 years later and it isn't the same.  I know the feeling, I was so disappointed when I went back to my old block in Brooklyn and all I could recognize was the Jack LaLaine gym and my school.  The local diner was still there, but that was my grandma and mom's hangout, not mine, but the movie theatre, the pizza place, the deli, all of it was gone.  All of the people I grew up with were gone.  I couldn't even recognize my house, because the whole block whitewashed the bricks, so I had to look for the number.  It was good to see Aunt Peggy rested and ready to get back to her routine here in California.  She noticed the change in my energy or attitude, since she last saw me.  She asked if it was because of getting back into classes with acting.  I believe it is.  It is a start.

I am excited to meet some really cool actors.  I am also excited over seeing what work we will be doing and rehearsing and playing with whatever it is.  It reminds me of the the first day of school which is exciting but also nerve wracking.  That is how I feel.

My friend Kimmie, from acting school and my roommate for years in NYC is coming to visit L.A. at the end of September because she is in the L.A. Triathalon and she needs to see her "Scribs" pronto!  Hell yeah,  I need to see "Kimm-ay" pronto!  Kimmie is my friend who is so sarcastic and so truthful with her good traits and bad, that she makes me laugh so much that no sound comes out.  She sings her thoughts out loud when she is in a goofy mood and she loves people with such force it is like a huge hug engulfing you and never letting you go (in a good way).  Kimmie and I have been through a lot, like most good friends, and have found a place in our relationship where drama doesn't live anymore and it is all about the friendship.  I have been very blessed in my life to have friends that I know will be in my life for a long time, no matter how long it has been since I have last seen or spoke to them.  It is just an understanding, respect, and good times with one another when we do meet again that binds us all together.

This afternoon, I looked at my photo album of my trip to Europe with 3 of my good friends in high school.  It was Lisa, Kristin, Kerri and I, we had gotten the trip for our 16th birthdays, I think, I know I got the trip as my 16th birthday present.   I remember that I loved that trip.  I remember I thought the kids from Oklahoma City, who we shared a bus with were crazy!  But Mr. Young had his group of 12 students and kept us entertained and participated with us in our own craziness.  I remember dancing in a Swiss club, with the men from the Swiss Army, old enough to be my dad, to Genesis' "I Can't Dance" and laughing so hard.  I remember thinking Innsbruck was the most beautiful city I had seen with the Alps in the background.  I remember having a crush with Lisa over the British tour guide.  I remember Kerri getting bird poop in her hair in Venice and I had to take it out LOL!  I remember Kristin yelling out the window in Paris, some dirty sentence in French.  I remember Mr. Young and I playing 20 questions for hours because we were stuck on a road in France because the farmers were on strike and blocking the roadway.  I remember getting lost with Lisa in Harrod's in London because we didn't know that the 1st floor really is  the 2nd floor.  I remember being at the Renaissance joust and the knight asking me for my hand.  I thought he was going to cut it off, but instead he kissed it before each joust.  I remember being exhausted in Amsterdam waiting to check in to our hotel.  I remember eating pork everywhere we went!  I remember coming home and wanting to go back.  Looking over the pictures I was reminded of the emotions of excitement and wonder that went through my mind at that time.  I was keenly aware of liking Europe right away.  I wanted to soak up everything.  I wanted to be European with their sense of style, and the way they held themselves with a sense of sophistication, I had never been privy to be around before.  Europe was old and I felt I could learn so much from it  and it's people.  I didn't have a plan of where in Europe I would have moved to, but I was sure I would like it anywhere in Europe.  I still feel that way.  I have grown to appreciate America with all of its freedoms, but I would jump at the chance to live in Europe.

I wonder if it will be the same 20 years from now?

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,



  1. OH Tara... I love listening to your words. Your voice comes through the screen and I can visit with you once again.

    I miss you my friend.

  2. I miss you too, Bree! More than words...hope everything is well and that we get to see each other in the near future! Big hugs from cyberspace :)

  3. ahhh the Europe trip... can you believe that I really didn't want to go on that trip, my mom forced me - well thank goodness for that! I don't remember the Paris thing??? Do you remember living on Toblerone and Coke? I can't look at a Toblerone without thinking of that ferry ride we took in Switzerland. I also had a secret crush on that

  4. adorable tour guide... sorry something wacky happened while trying to post from my phone... oh well, I forgot where I was going, anyway it was a great trip that I will remember forever!

  5. I do remember living on Toblerone and Coke! I also remember you having a book on how to say all the different languages, so in Italy we kept going behind locals and saying, "Excusee, Excusee!" and seeing if they thought we were locals. I'm so glad your mom forced you to go! LOL!