Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Open for Business

Hi Everyone,

I've started my first day back at work and the adage "Time makes the heart grow fonder" did not apply, unfortunately.  It wasn't aggravation that got me going, it was the way the management treats their employees and perfect strangers.  For example, a salesman came into the restaurant wanting to ask about using green products in the restaurant.  As he was talking to the manager, the partner of the restaurant very rudely said, "He doesn't have 2 minutes to talk to you.  We are busy.  You can leave now."  I was sitting at a table doing my cashout and knew from the awkward silence that the salesman was appalled.  The salesman then said, "Don't worry I won't be coming back here, because you embarrassed me and no one should have to deal with that humiliation, NO ONE!"  and he stormed out of the restaurant.  I actually was glad the salesman stood up for himself.  It was when everyone else that works in the restaurant, told the partner, "That man was soooo rude!  He was crazy!  I can't believe he treated you that way!" that really threw me for a loop.  The partner than began explaining that the salesman tries to do business in the South Bay area and is a nuisance.  That isn't an excuse.

Second, today was the first time we, as a restaurant were open for lunch.  We were told time and time again that we had to be patient with the kitchen because they were learning a new menu, but whenever we got tables and weren't able to greet them right away because we were taking orders for another table or putting in orders on the computer, someone was down our throats.  We then got talked to about having to greet the customers,  etc, etc.  The management didn't take into consideration that the computers weren't fully functional and orders weren't printing correctly and that as servers we had to provide backup to the kitchen to make sure that our orders were correct.  The management also talked about teamwork, but when the staff was busy they were too busy to help us.

So tonight when I got home I was in a funk.  I didn't want to talk to Jen about it, but I did.  I just wanted to stuff my face with KFC or Coldstone Creamery.  I didn't.  Instead I tried to figure out a way to focus my energy on making my workplace tolerable.  I know personally, that I feed off the energy of places.  The restaurant right now is tense due to all the health inspections and the way that the business was taken over.  I know that I also take the responsibility of others onto myself.  I am still fuming over how the partner acted toward that salesman.  It is almost as if the partner did it to me.  I know that I have the same reaction to the partner as the salesman did.  I hate when I am embarrassed in front of others.  I have said before I am very prideful.  And the thought that I have to watch what I say and when I say it makes me tense.  I am not a charming personality.  I don't have the smiling business man persona that let's things roll off her back.  But I will bide my time until I find something else closer to home.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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