Friday, August 27, 2010

Movin, Movin, Movin...

Hi Everyone,

I had a fantastic day at work today.  I had to be in work at 11:30am and when I got there, I got straight to work.  There were four of us on.  I had 3 tables in my section and everyone else had 4, but I let it go.  As the afternoon passed and people were cut one by one, I was the last one on, and that was fine by me.  I then had the whole outside of 15 tables to myself and very systematically every table filled up.  Because of my waitressing work at the Empire State Building, I didn't get all worked up.  I took each order for each table and when I brought their drinks over, I took their order and I did this for every table.  By 4:30pm when the new shift came on, my co-workers wanted to know who had which tables.  I said, "I have all the tables."  My two co-workers, said,  "YOU have all the tables?"

"Yep." I said.  And I was in my glory.  It was the first time since I worked here that I was moving all day and I got excited by that.  The day passed quickly and without stress, which isn't always normal.  For the first time since leaving Heartland Brewery I made money like I would have at Heartland and I was noticed by the management for handling myself calmly and effectively.  The manager couldn't believe how I was able to keep everything organized and I was on top of orders and refills.  It also helped that my manager would help me run drinks when they were ready, so that I could go straight to the table, we had a system going halfway through the patio.  It was nice.

Jen and I were going to take a bike ride along Santa Monica today, but had to postpone it for now.  Instead we went to my favorite vegan restaurant and walked around Santa Monica.  It was nice.  Jen and I are growing closer, she cracks me up with her observations of American culture and we have really interesting conversations about culture and people in general.

Jen had a scare today.  While she was home, someone knocked on our door, but she didn't feel like answering it because she assumed it was the wrong door, but then the person tried to open the door, so she opened and the man, said, "Sorry, I have the wrong apartment."  She ran to the window and saw 3 vans that drove away, but she took their license plate.  When I came home, she explained what happened.  I told her that we had to tell Nissy, our super.  Jen thought that the incident was weird but not weird enough to get Nissy involved.  I told her that I felt it was important.  I don't trust anyone on their word, that we had to check with Nissy if she saw anything.  Because if Nissy was going to have a worker work on our apartment, she would send a note letting us know, no one should ever let themselves into our apartment.  When we went to Nissy, she said exactly what I said.  She is going to change the locks on our apartment tomorrow and has been in contact with the residential company over putting a key entry into our apartment complex, because right now anyone can come inside our complex.  All of our neighboring apartments have key entry or electrical gate entry and we have a lot of children that live in our complex.  This is the thoughts that make me worry about Jen in NYC.  She always thinks the best of everyone and second guesses her gut instincts.  I know she is going to be okay, but I can't help worry about her and hope that she has a great time in NYC!

I won't be able to post tomorrow night, so I will return Sunday!

Until then.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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