Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Managing My Craft

Hi Everyone,

So I have begun reading The Scottish Play, or otherwise known as MacBeth.  I am able to say that since I am not in a theatre as I type this, so no bad luck there.  Since watching the Judi Dench documentary last week, I have been obsessed with her take on the character of Lady MacBeth.  I have decided that I am going to act as if I was cast as Lady MacBeth and go through the play as if  I was doing my homework.

After a few weeks of discovery and I am going to begin holding "auditions" as if I have the part.  I have a little camera on my computer that can record me reciting it as if I am in an audition.  From the classes I have taken recently I have realized I have the resources to practice my craft right at my fingertips.  If I don't have a fantastic reel to send off to casting directors and agents, I will make audition tapes of me in roles I would like to play.

There was an article with Vera Farmiga from the New York Times, that talked about how she would put herself on tape as if she had a role and submit for projects.  That is how she got her role in, The Departed.  By putting herself on tape in her own home, she felt comfortable and relaxed and she had done her homework so that in her head, the part was hers.  She had a full bookcase of cassettes that she had submitted and didn't get any work from, but then Martin Scorcese watched her audition and cast her in The Departed.  The rest is history.  I am going to try it and make history mine.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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