Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inner Mean Girl Cleanse

Hi Everyone,

Last night, my computer started to act crazy and wouldn't let me on the internet, so I decided to hold off typing my blog, which then got me thinking how dependent I am on my computer.  Some days on my day off, I will sit in front of the computer for hours on the internet, doing nothing until I get the urge to shower and go outside.  Which thankfully I do get those urges.

I have decided to cut things out of my internet daily routine.  I will still check my e-mail and do research of casting directors and agents for my acting career and pay my bills online, but I will stop  going on sites like and and and because I want to know what is happening in other people's lives or spoilers on shows and movies I like.  It all started over an author named SARK.  She wrote this wonderfully colorful, positive affirmation for women called The Wild Succulent Woman.  It is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

Well, as soon as I read the book,  I requested her virtual newsletter to be sent to me.  Just recently I received an email to be part of the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse.  So it is a 9 week program where each week I must do certain things to cleanse out the Inner Mean Girl within myself that is helping to sabotage my dreams.  The first week is Cleaning Out the Gossip In My Life.  It is the simpliest form of negativity that we have control over in our lives, so that is why it is week 1.  I know it is going to be difficult, but I started by cutting out the gossip sites on my internet prowling.  It can get addictive :)  I will keep you updated on my progress.

Until later tonight, Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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