Monday, August 30, 2010

Hiking Through...

Hi Everyone,

I didn't have any tables at work today by 12:30pm so Al let me go.  There were already two other servers on, so Jen and I decided to go to Griffith Park for a hike.  It was the first time I made the trip to the park since it is on the other side of Hollywood.  We parked the car at the observatory (the famous one in A Rebel Without A Cause) and hiked the Mt. Hollywood trail.

Jen and I tried to take a picture at the Hollywood sign, but my phone is stupid and doesn't zoom in, even though when we were standing there it seemed so close, but in my viewer it looks like it is miles away.  We walked uphill for about  30 minutes and then started back toward the observatory.  We took a break in the shade so that I could call the artistic director of the Knightsbridge on a call.  I will get to that in a moment.  Jen then said, exactly what I was thinking, "I could go for a Hamburger."  I said, "How about a Golden Mean Vegan Machine hamburger?"  We then drove to Santa Monica to my favorite vegan restaurant where I always order their Veggie Burger with the works.  I realize that the veggie burger is made of falafel, corn, peas, carrots, to make the patty and then they add, pickle, lettuce, tomato, avacado, tempah bacon and vegan cheese to it and it is an explosion of flavor in your mouth.  Then Jen and I proceeded to devour a slice of almond strawberry cake and a vanilla raspberry vegan cupcake.  I am on a mission to get the recipes for these meals pronto!

Last week sometime I had contacted the Knightsbridge Theatre to volunteer to do concession or tickets for the run of Candida.  Since I wasn't cast in it, I wanted to be a part of it in some way and as a member of the company I do have to volunteer twice a season for help in the house.  I got a call today from Allana the house director who asked if I could be in charge of Lighting Tech.  I have never worked the lighting board, but she said it is a very easy show with minimal cues and that they would teach me everything before the show.  The show opens Sept. 10th.  So Joseph the artistic director, called me to verify that I could do it.  All I have to do is be there an hour before the shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I could do that.  I am excited about it actually.  I am going to be able to meet more people of the company and maybe start some friendships.  Either way, it is going to be a learning experience for a wonderful show.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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