Sunday, August 22, 2010

Farmers Market Santa Monica Style

Hi Everyone,

Earlier today Jen and I went into Santa Monica to go to the farmers market.  It is more of farmer market/carnival food/live music where everyone can hang out and picnic on the grass on a Sunday afternoon.  I didn't know why anyone would shop there for food because I saw a vendor charging $16/lb for snap peas.  I haven't had any snap peas or any pea that would be good enough to pay $16/lb for.

After the farmers market Jen and I went to lunch at the Urth Cafe and I had a delectable egg white and spinach panini and we shared a piece of pumpkin pie.  When we came home I then went straight to the computer to look up vegan recipes for a bunch of things.  I am excited for the season of pumpkin and butternut squash, so I stacked up on those recipes.

Soon after, I began getting a really bad migraine.  I usually get migraines once a month, and I take an Advil.  But today I had a really bad one where the Advil didn't work and I haven't felt that nausea and lightheaded in a very long time.  So I made sure I drank a lot of water and then I slept most of the day away.  I still am feeling nausea somewhat and my neck is really sore (symptom of my migraines) and I am going to take more Advil and go back to bed.

I figure I must be really addicted to writing this blog, when I don't even feel well to do much of anything else.  Well I hope everyone is doing well and if Kimmie is reading this, I hope you rocked it in Portland!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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