Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dreams Illuminated

Hi Everyone,

Today was a day full of new experiences, surprises, and excitement.  And I swam in the Pacific Ocean without coming in contact with any sharks (at least that I know of).  Phew!  I bet you are happy to hear that I came out of it alive, right?

So this morning I had my orientation with the Larry Moss Studios.  There were about 20 of us and we were given the Cliff Notes of what the studio is all about.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Larry Moss has a very good reputation in this town and they have actors come in to teach.  Recently, they have had Jason Alexander and Brad Garrett.

During the orientation, I was able to gauge how genuine the studio is.  This has been really important as I have been auditing classes throughout town.  I will tell you that when I moved here, the only place I was recommended to study was at Larry Moss.  Everyone else that I had asked didn't know of someone or couldn't recommend a good teacher.  So I have been doing this by auditing classes and talking to other actors and every time I kept saying to myself, "I wonder if Larry Moss Studios has openings for the orientation?"  I finally got in.

The artistic director, during the end went from person to person and asked us what we wanted to work on as actors.  I wanted to get into an on camera audition class and a voice class.  I have always felt weak in the voice department and I found that the voice class they offer is exactly what I have been looking for.  After the artistic director talked to us, we then proceeded to have a one on one to figure out which classes would be best for us.

I was fully prepared to sign up for the on camera audition class and the voice class, instead I am signed up for the audition class and Brad Garrett's sitcom class.  This was my reaction:

"Brad Garrett?  The Emmy award winning Brad Garrett from Everybody Love Raymond Brad Garrett?"

"Yes." (she is laughing)

"That scares the crap out of me! (Pause) That's a good sign."

"Would you like to audit it, then you won't have to perform, just watch."

"If I audit I am going to chicken out of taking ANY comedy class.  Comedy scares the crap out of me!"

"I know.  You said that already" (still laughing)

"Really?  You better sign me up with Brad Garrett then before I lose my nerve."

And so now I am signed up to take a sitcom class from a very reputable comedy actor in the business for 5 weeks.  Oh, and I am one of the few beginner actors given permission to take the class.  Mr. Garrett said he was ok with one or two beginners in the class of advanced actors.  The pressure is on...and I haven't felt this excited and nervous about something, since parachuting out of an airplane for my 25th birthday!  After the excitement and total surprise of the morning and afternoon  I came home and changed into my bathing suit for my jump into the Pacific Ocean.

I haven't been in the ocean in 2 years and I feel as if the Pacific Ocean has bigger waves than the Atlantic Ocean.  It could just be my imagination, but when I first got to the breaking of the waves, I was scared the waves were going to eat me up.  Even though I was only waist high in water, the waves came over my head when they broke.  It was also difficult for me to get past the breaking point because every time I would dive into the wave it would knock me back from the force, so I was trudging through for a few minutes.  As I have said before I am not a strong swimmer.  I usually stay right behind the breaking of the waves, because I can still reach the bottom and for 15 minutes I had a good workout with the Pacific.  I loved feeling the salt on my skin as I exited the water.

I finally made it home and didn't realize it was already 7PM.  I feel good.  I feel excited.  I feel hopeful.  It is funny how one opportunity or moment can make you see everything around you as wonderful.  I think that is how I know that being an actor is what I want to do and be.  When I get opportunities or complete surprises, like I did today, my whole energy changed.  I began to be happy with the life around me.  It is as if I am on the road that leads me to my dreams and I am closer than I thought.  There are so many thoughts, hopes, and wishes running through my head right at this moment.  There are so many scenarios  filling my imagination and I want to hold on to that positivity through this whole experience.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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  1. oh Tara I am so excited for you!!!! What an amazingly terrifying oppurtunity - your readers will need to hear EVERY detail!