Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beach Part-ay!

Hi Everyone,

Today I had another great day with Jen.  I got out of work and we were home at the same time, so we went to the beach to rent a bike, Part 2.  It didn't happen.  This time we decided to rent a bike from Marina del Rey and they close even earlier than Santa Monica, so nix-ay on the rental-ay.  Rent A Bike part 3 probably tomorrow.  LOL!  So instead Jen took me out to dinner for my birthday since she is flying to NYC the day before my birthday.  And we hung out at the beach which was hysterical.

First, it was cold!  The breeze off the ocean was cold and I wasn't going into the water when the high tide was beginning.  So we sat on our towels and dipped our feet in.  Within 30 seconds we couldn't feel our feet.  As we laid on our towels, Jen noticed a seagull next to me and saw that it had some red on its beak, and she said, "Look it has a pimple!"  which of course got me laughing out loud and then I said, " It might be a birth mark." which got Jen laughing and she replied, "Nope, I think it's a freckle."  So then we are cracking up.  This is what Jen and I find hysterically funny!  Thank the Lord, we find each other funny because sometimes I think I am a weird cat and I don't know where I get some thoughts in my head.

So while we were out, Jen was talking to people asking questions of the rental bike company and when we went to Panera for dinner she ordered and each time, she had to repeat herself because she talks so low.  I told her that when she goes to NYC she has be sure to talk loud and don't be offended if people are yelling at her, because that is just the way they talk.  I gave Jen my mom as an example, and Jen said, "Yeah, I noticed that your mom says things and she always ends her sentences louder than she began them."  I said, "Exactly!"  So she began to practice her speaking louder in NYC.  I am proud of her!

I start tech rehearsals for Candida on Thursday and I am excited!  September is going to be crazy busy which is getting me very excited!  I now feel as if I have some semblance of a life!  Yeah, for me!

I want to give a shout out to my parents, it is their 35th wedding anniversary today!  What?!  That is right!  Congrats Momma and Poppa!  Hope you had a wonderful day today, cracking each other up like you usually do!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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