Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank YOU Smoothie!

Hi Everyone,

I gave Smoothie, my car, a well needed car wash today.  She was spotty and her hood didn't shine like it used to, so she got pampered today.  She was vacuumed, washed, dried, and deodorized for a good 20 minutes today.  She is running with more pep in her motor and she is flaunting her ebony beauty in the Southern California sunshine.

I like to think Smoothie appreciates when I take the time to take care of her needs, because she can be temperamental, like all older model cars are.  She has a way that she likes to drive, she gets cranky when she is hungry and craving superior unleaded and purrs like a kitten when her oil is changed.  She gets down in the dumps and runs like an old lady when she needs pampering and doesn't get it right away.  I know, Smoothie, I try to do what is right by you, but sometimes I am too busy worrying about myself and neglect you, I apologize.

Smoothie is my 2nd female car.  My very first car, Nellie was my pride and joy 1987 Dodge Reliant-K.  She was a spunky one, that one!  She revved and jerked all over the Pocono Mountains and Lancaster, PA.  I have great memories with Nellie, she will always be my first car.  Then there was Putt-Putt.  He was an old Chrysler, rusted and big.  He wasn't intimidating, but he was reliable until the state of Delaware said he was a danger to society because I couldn't role Putt-Putt's driver side window down and they didn't make the part anymore for me to fix it.  Too bad.  He was a good car.

Then, there was my first car that I bought!  It was a Navy Blue 1995 Hyundai Sonata named Buddy!  God, I loved that car.  That car was so reliable and he loved me.  He made my rides smooth.  He liked to drive long distances and he wore the dirt of our travels as if it was a tuxedo made just for him.  Then I moved to NYC and I kept getting Buddy in trouble, parking him in spots he wasn't supposed to be in and he accumulated tickets, which was fine, it was my fault.  Then one day Buddy, got sick because I wasn't paying attention to him and his battery died, so I got a new one, vowing to drive him regularly around the block every other day.  The next day was a snow storm and I went to dig Buddy out, but he wasn't there.  For some reason I still don't understand the City of NY towed Buddy to the remotest junk yard in Queens, that took me hours to get to.  I was frustrated and made a rash decision which I still feel pangs of regret towards.  I gave beautiful, loyal Buddy up to the City of NYC and some lucky bastard is loving the gift I bestowed on them.  I shed a tear for you Buddy :(

I couldn't drive for 5 years after losing Buddy and then I moved to L.A.   I resisted the idea of buying a car, but then realized I had to move on from Buddy, I had to find a car, that understood me.  Along came Smoothie.  A beautiful 1994 Infiniti J-30.  She looks like a old time movie star compared to these new models.  She is sleek, long, and built for luxury.  I don't deserve her.  She is much more sophisticated than I'll ever be and so much more elegant.  But she is okay with that and I am grateful.  I vow to take care of her, because she needs it more than any of the other cars I have ever had.  She needs attention and praise, and pampering.  She has taught me to keep my word, when I say I will do something for her. She has kept me honest.  I owe a lot to Smoothie.  She has gotten me back on the road again!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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