Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Reading

Hi Everyone,

Today I worked the day shift with Chelsi and it was good.  I actually made some money.  I needed it.  I am sure that tomorrow night is going to be very insane due to employees posted on Facebook that we were going to give away free beer, which isn't true and so far there are 600 people who are coming.  I don't think that is even legal having that many people.  The bad thing about having young employees between the ages of 21 and 24 is they are in the partying stages of their life and I am over it.

I went to Barnes and Noble and talked to the manager there.  She said they have openings in the cafe and for books.  She saw that I had restaurant experience and said that she would think about putting me in the cafe first before books.  To say I was disappointed to hear that is an understatement, but if it gets me a job, closer to home with a discount on books, I will take it.

I did buy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book finally.  I feel I am out of the loop not having read the book like everyone and their mother this summer.  I hope I am not disappointed.  I try to get it at the library but it is always out and it is on hold for the next few months, so I shelled out the $7.99  for the paperback.  I will let you know what I thought.  Is anyone else addicted to this series?  I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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