Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Diet Initiative

Hi Everyone,

Today, I went to work made $7 and hung out with my Aunt Peggy and cousins for the evening.  Since Aunt Peggy is going to be going to the East Coast for a few weeks she wanted to give me the lowdown on checking in and such while she is away.  We all went to a Mexican restaurant and I ate tons of food because I made today my cheat day for the week.  Now my stomach is yelling at me big time.

That is the crappy thing about changing your diet and then trying to eat foods you used to eat again, your stomach gets mixed signals and I end up paying for it.  This is a critical point in my diet since I have been working hard to strive to hit my calorie goals each day and have eaten two big Mexican meals in the last week.  Usually when I do such a thing, I gradually go back to what I did before, but this time I seriously do not want to go back to the way I ate before.  I like the foods I am eating recently and look forward to preparing my meals for the week.  It has been difficult in the past three days because of my schedule for me to really follow my diet to the T.  For the perfectionist personality I am, I actually get stressed out when I am off schedule and I have to improvise.  It is times like these when I say, "F**k it!  I will just eat junk then!"  I end up beating myself up because I didn't follow the rules that I made up by the book.  I know how it sounds, it is harsh, but this time I am determined to say, "Yes, you did F**k up, and now today is a new day".  Start over.  Don't stop.  My body feels better, my skin looks great and I look and feel leaner.  Those are all incentives to keep going and I intend to.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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