Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's the Trooth!

Hi Everyone,

I realized today at work that I am slowly turning into my mother and I am not sure how I got there.  Let me say, that my mom is awesome, she is fantastic, I love her to death, but there were traits of hers that would embarrass me to no end when I was a teenager.

First, all my friends thought my mom was so cool.  For a teenager, I felt left out when my mom was the center of attention, I didn't have the self esteem to be okay with my mom having some brownie points made with my friends.  Instead, I got grumpy and was jealous that my friends liked her so much.

Second, my mom is straight to the point, gruff in her speech and has no problem telling it like it is, because "It's the truth!" (in her Brooklyn accent, which sounds like, "It's the troottthhh!")

There is this kid at work Brayden, who is 16 and a busboy.  He looks older because he is an athlete, so he stands at 6'3 and is 200lbs and is wide and muscle.  All the young girls at Vinny's call him "Handsome" because he is.  I don't.  I call him "Kid".  He thinks this is the greatest thing ever.  He is a good kid who likes to flirt, like all 16 year olds, and loves to try and scare me.  He says I am no fun, because I don't get scared.  I say, "Well, I lived in NYC, there is a difference."  and he sticks his tongue out at me.  He tries to guess my age, which I haven't divulged to anyone working at Vinny's and he is sure that I just graduated high school maybe 5 years ago.  I say "Yep".

So, today, I had a table of guys that were drunk and one of the boys began speaking very vulgarly to me over and over, every time I went to the table that I didn't want to go back.  So Steve, the manager, and the rest of the guys in the restaurant went over from time to time checking on them for me and I knew they were watching over me.  Matt and Brayden then at the end of the night began asking me on advice about girls.  I told them what I thought, which when I was saying it, it was like I was having a deja vu.  But this time, I was my mom talking to my high school friends.  Both boys, said "Oh my God, I love that you tell it like it is, you know how it works!" and then proceeded to try and teach me some handshake that the guys do, etc. etc.  My only thought, was "How did I get here?  When will I start hanging out with men my own age?"  I don't want to be the cool lady.  I have no kids of my own to embarrass.  To me, being the cool lady is embarrassing.  Of course, the only men who treat me like a lady are married men.

It is very strange when you realize that your traits are not your own.  They are one of your parents', or grandparents', or guardian's.  Normally, I would say that I am similar to my dad in temperament, but that isn't the full truth.  I want to think that I am more like my dad in temperament because that is what I looked up to when I was a child.  Dad always seemed to have it together, where mom was the emotional one.  That isn't true either.  Dad was just as emotional as Mom, but in different ways.  I have taken on more traits of my mom's then I even realize, but its not so bad, just not what I expected.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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  1. I'm feeling a bit guilty and am just catching up on your last 3 posts (my netbook died, which has seriously cut down on my computer time, this has been good and bad all at the same time!)
    Your mom was definitely amusing @ times, but your personality was more my style :)
    p.s. - I love that you're keeping them guessing about your age ;)