Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Need An Advil

Hi Everyone,

So to say that I am over my waitressing job is putting it lightly.  I am getting really tired with the games the owners of each restaurant are playing with each other at the expense of their employees.  So, I went into work tonight, to be told that I probably wouldn't have a job tomorrow.  Seems, Alex, was given the ultimatum by Dave and Mike to sign the contract, that would give them everything in the restaurant, even though most of the equipment and furniture was paid for by Alex.  Alex said no.  He was going to take what was his because he is opening another restaurant in the near future and wants to keep his stuff.

So, Dave and Mike, said fine, if you don't sign the papers for us to have everything we are coming tomorrow to collect the picnic table and umbrellas from the patio, which means that only one server would be needed inside and I am not one of the senior servers.  But, by the end of the night, Dave and Mike decided not to come by and take the furniture.  They gave Alex until August, like they originally planned and so I have a job for 15 more days.  In the mean time one of my co-workers at Vinny's said the place she works at as a 2nd job is looking for part time servers.  I am off to talk to Ike tomorrow about it.  Cross your fingers.  I also found out, that when Rock N Brew reopens I am rehired by them, but I really don't want to work for such petty, people.  This whole experience has been one big headache and I just want to get away from the whole thing.  It is a shame that I have only been working there for 2 months and I am over it.  C'est la vie.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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