Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Genius of Nolan

Hi Everyone,

Today was my day off and I treated myself to a movie.  What movie do you say?  Why, Inception, of course, my dear friends.  Now, I know this movie has been getting a lot of hype lately.  I remember seeing the trailer months ago and thinking, "What the hell is this movie about?"  Now, usually when I think that sentence it is in a negative tone, but when I saw the trailer for Inception, it was in a positive tone.

The trailer piqued my interest and got me excited to shell out $13 for a movie.  So I walked to the Westside Pavilion, bought my ticket, picked my leather seat and settled in for a 2.5 hour afternoon of being amazed.  Or at least that is what I thought.  I forgot that Christopher Nolan is not just a blow up stunt maker of a director, a la Michael Bay.  Nolan actually directs movies for the thinker.  I got my first taste of Christopher Nolan, when he directed Memento, with one of my favorite actors, Guy Pearce.  Memento was a film where a man suffering from short term memory loss, was trying to solve the murder of his wife, but had to tattoo the clues to his body, so he would remember.  Oh, and the movie was shown from the end to the beginning...hahahahahahhahaaaa.  The first time I saw that film my mind couldn't comprehend anything, but my mind did become obsessively curious about how to figure the story out.

The first half hour of Inception I had to concentrate on what the characters were saying because my mind couldn't fully comprehend what I was seeing.  The movie is edited in such a way that scenes are given to the audience to keep them on their toes and be confused.  If I didn't pay attention to what was being said, I was going to be awfully dumbfounded, by the psychology of it all.  And we all know how friggin complicated and open to interpretation psychology is.  The dialogue went by with lightning speed and I have to admit that the first hour was hard for me to get through, because I am not used to concentrating so hard to understand a film.  I am a visual learner by definition, so it was painstakingly difficult for me to listen to the dialogue while my eyes were trying to work through what I was seeing.  What I was seeing were landscapes, ideas, theories, and story all in one and it was visually stunning.

The second half of the movie, I was able to enjoy it because by then my mind had come to a conclusion that made sense on why everything was happening.  The acting was subtle and honest.  The story was compelling and brave.  I left the theatre, not really wanting to see the movie anytime soon, because I am still processing what I saw.  I might never see the film again, but I have to give it credit for making me think, outside the box, and see how visual effects are used wisely to tell a story.  You, might not like Christopher Nolan or maybe you love him, but there is one thing I know is true, this man is a genius.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

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