Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fillin in the Gaps

Hi Everyone,

I found out today that two of my co workers got fired today and I have to work tomorrow night to cover for it.  I'm not complaining, but now I am curious to know which two got fired.  I am wondering if maybe the acquisition of the restaurant fell through, but that is my mind making things up that I wouldn't mind happening.  I just know that a few days ago I waited on a lawyer for the owner of Vinny's and I got the impression he wasn't done fighting yet.

Let me say that I love Vinny's food.  I like the people in the town I have met so far and have become regular customers of mine.  I am not a big fan of the restaurant changing hands and the menu changing etc. The thing about this small town is they like what they like, they aren't big ones for change.  To change so much in the past two months is a lot for these people to take in.  The only reason people are okay with the garden opening up is because there is more beer.  I know of people who travel from L.A. and the South Bay area to have the pizza at Vinny's because it is the closest to NY pizza they have tasted so far.

So, I must wait patiently until tomorrow evening to find out what the heck happened at work today.  Onto other news.  I am getting addicted to renting a bike to ride for an hour along the beach.  I have done it twice this week.  It is glorious and cheap.  I feel the sea breeze whipping at my hair, which needs to get cut by the way.  My hair is almost to my shoulders and I am unwilling to cut it just yet.  I haven't fully decided if I want to grow it out or keep it short.  I liked it short, it is just a really big hassle to get it cut every 2 months and with my money situation being less than I hoped, I save money in the long run, but we will see.

Auditions for Candida should be in a few weeks at the theatre and I really want the role.  I haven't gotten the lowdown yet on the audition.  I don't know if I have to have a monologue ready or if we will be reading from the script, but I would really like to be part of the show.  Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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