Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Computer Overload

Hi Everyone,

I began my day by filling out applications online.  In the few short months that I have had a job, I forgot how frustrating it is to fill this paperwork out.  I wish I could copy and past everything into each application, or put each website address into one application, so it sends it to them together.  It would be a better use of my time.

Today, was the first day of a "heatwave".  Los Angeles already has brush fires starting in the mountains over it.  It is very strange.  It rained two days ago, but the land is still dry and easily breaks into little brush fires if the temperatures get high.  Where I live, the temperatures are around 78-80 degrees, but 10 miles east of me it is reaching 100 degrees.  It is very strange to be a part of such a difference in temperature.  I was sure it was an East Coast thing, but it isn't.

I got to talk to my mom today.  There is always something so comforting about talking to your mom.  Your mom knows you better than yourself for most of your life and my mom gives it to me straight, which I appreciate.  It was her day off from work and she was basking in the heat of the desert, ready to go in the pool.  I can't say I did much today, except be in front of the computer, most of the afternoon, and reading a book in the evening.  I did get to watch one of my favorite summer shows, Wipeout.  I would never participate in that show, but I have a great laugh watching others try and participate in that wacky obstacle course.  Plus, John and John crack me up with their dry, sarcastic humor.  Well, I am about to shut this computer down for the night because if I am on it much longer, I think I might become comatose.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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