Monday, July 26, 2010

1% Chance of Making the Dream a Reality

Hi Everyone,

I talked to my brother tonight and we talked about how the East Coast is getting pummeled with gross hot weather lately and the West Coast is getting the coolest summer they have had in decades.  Most of the days are 75 degrees with a nice sea breeze if you live along the coast, like I do and then at night it gets down to 50.  I wake in the morning and within a few minutes of walking around I am actually cold because we keep our windows open at night, so the apartment is always comfortable.

Some of the employees of Rock N Fish came in to eat today and were surprised to find out that none of the employees of Vinny's have been asked to work for Rock N Brews when it reopens.  I am not holding my breath, but I felt better knowing they were in the dark about everything as much as we were.  As this week of work is winding down, I have this growing feeling that this is my window to focus on my acting.  In what way, I am not sure.  Of course, I want to take classes, but I don't have the money just yet.  Of course, I want to go on auditions, and I do, but I would like to be called in more.  Of course, I would like money to get new postcards and business cards printed up to hand to others, if the occasion arises.  Of course, I would like to move on from extra work and be seen by an agent and a manager.  Of course, I would like to participate in agent and manager showcases, but again I don't have the money.

This is the cycle I go through as an actor.  I work long hours to pay my bills and try and save a few bucks so that I can take classes, or seminars, or showcases, or buy new headshots, business cards and postcards.  Because I work the long hours, I am unable to really focus time and energy on my acting.  This is what a lot of actors go through.  We go through dry spells and then all of a sudden you are cast in two or three things and it gets your juices flowing and then another dry spell.  I would love to learn how to propel the bursts of creativity and work into more creativity and work and it has been difficult trying to find that formula.  That formula is my key to becoming a real life working actor.  I want to be that 1% gosh darnit!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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