Monday, June 28, 2010

Walking Along the Beach, Makes Me Wonder...

Hi Everyone,

Today was my day off, so I did my housecleaning, laundry and then went to the beach to do some walking for my daily exercise and take in the nice sea breeze.  As I was walking along the beach, cooling down, I couldn't help looking out on the water and imagining how I would feel if oil was lapping up to the shore.

The oceans of this world are, in my opinion, the most beautiful, awe inspiring, unpredictable, home to massive amounts of life, spiritual entities that make this Earth what it is.  Knowing that we will never know the full effect of this oil spill for generations to come makes me shake with rage and slump in sadness.

Jason Paul, who writes the blog, Living Craigslist, recently went down to Louisiana to see what he could do to help.  His link is:   His post is sad to comprehend.  So few people, not enough money, all controlled by BP.  I learned earlier this week that CNN had a telethon for the Gulf.  My question is, "Why wasn't it on regular TV?"  The amount of money they could have raised on all networks, just as they had done for Katrina, 9/11, and Haiti would have helped the local families in some way, Yes?

What upsets me the most, is the loss of natural estuaries, marine life, animal life and a way of life for all of the folks down there.  This isn't something that can be cleaned up lickity split, it takes back breaking work, one oil drop at a time.  Plus, knowing that the oil is still gushing into the Gulf with no certain timeframe for stopping, is jaw dropping.  With all the technology we possess in 2010 we can't seem to figure out how to stop it.  That is sad.  So I assume all oil companies have the go ahead to build an oil rig, but they have no idea how to stop it if something should happen.  Because the odds of this happening are 1 in a million, right?  Ah, you have to love greed and the dependence on crude oil.  I am definitely a user of such oil.  I think some of this anger I have is because I am angry with myself for such a dependence,  having been able to see how this oil is going to affect millions of peoples lives and millions of species lives.

There was also a report on the news, tonight, of a Great White Shark being caught in a fishing net in Massachusetts.  They say they haven't ever recorded a Great White in those parts when the weather is so warm.  I wonder if the sharks are moving away from the Gulf and up into the North Atlantic because of the spill?  How many other fish and wildlife are moving because of this spill?  I also wonder how marine life that can't move, like oysters and shrimp are going to be affected?  Will it kill them outright, or will they adapt?

I was thankful today that I got to walk along the Pacific.  The ocean seemed angry in it's tide and color.  I am a believer that the ocean is a living entity and pray that the waters of the Atlantic are able to heal themselves over time.  I hope that the attention of a few humans is enough to make it a healthy strong home for the life within it again.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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