Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Show is Out There, And I'm Across the Country!

Hi Everyone,

First, Bernadette Peters comes back to Broadway and now David Duchovny makes his Broadway debut in a Neil LaBute play no less in October!  Man, I left NY at the wrong time.  I have been a fan of David Duchovny's since the debut of the X-files.  Not true, the 2nd episode of the X-files.  It is the only show to date that I made myself be home when every new episode was on and did so for 9 years.

I loved that show for the acting, the writing, the stories and the creepiness.  Because of the X-files I have been following David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in their new projects.  And I haven't been disappointed.  I love Californication.  It is made for David Duchovny's humor.   And he fits that role, perfectly.  It is also drastically different from Fox Mulder.

The new Neil LaBute play is going to be another departure from Hank Moody and Fox Mulder.  I like watching other actors push themselves to do things others wouldn't expect them to.  I don't really care if they hit out of the park, or fall on their faces, as long as they try.  Because I understand,  as an actor they are terrified, excited, nervous, anxious and giddy all at the same time to stretch their acting muscle and see if they can pull it off.  The hardest part about being an actor is that, if your performance doesn't live up to other's expectations we get pummelled for it, but the reason most people aren't actors is they don't want to put themselves out there for the chance to get pummelled.

The reason the audience connects with performances is because we become vulnerable.  The character we play is a person to the one playing them.  I must go through the thoughts and emotions of the character so that you will stick with me through the performance.  I want to evoke a response.  I would love for accolades all the time, but that isn't reality.  That is why I love acting.  I get such a thrill when it does come together and I learn from my process when I bomb.  Once again, this week, I am jealous of all those people close to NYC to be able to see another actor I admire on the stage.   David Duchovny break a leg.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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