Monday, June 7, 2010

Repetitive News is Not News, it's Laziness

Hi Everyone,

I was watching NBC Nightly News and lately I have been thinking it is more like an episode of the Today show.  I have come to notice that the evening news that is helmed by Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams and Katie Couric is just an extension of each station's morning program.

When I sit down to watch the Evening News I expect to get information, not lazy reporting.  I feel bad for all the reporters on the Gulf story, because they say the same thing every night.  Nothing can change drastically, if it is reported on 24/7.  I am not dumb.  I know how catastrophic this oil spill is, I also know that everyone involved is doing everything they can to stop it.  I am tired of hearing every night President Obama, saying once again, he promises to stop the leak.  Counting the days from the explosion until now just creates anger in the general public.  It creates anxiety, and hopelessness.

When I lived in Africa I didn't have a television but I did have a transistor radio.  I would listen to Air America, BBC, Radio France Internationale, and the local Douentza radio station.  My favorite of all the stations was BBC.  I got to learn of news from all over the world.  I learned of people and places I had never heard of before in different corners of the globe.  When I got out of the Peace Corps and had cable with BBC America included, I would watch their news over any of the American broadcasts.  I would actually get "world news".  And each day wasn't a continuation of a story the day before.  There would be little hiccups of continuation if the story was sensational enough, but they wouldn't focus half of the broadcast on it.

I stopped watching the local news about 5 years ago.  I try and catch the weather on a Monday night and then I am set for the week.  I don't need to know about shootings or deaths of some kind.  I know they are going around.  I focus more of my news energy reading newspapers and the internet because there I am able to get the facts and just the facts.  I am a big fan of the New York Times, even though the Weekend edition does take me all of the weekend to read it.  I am partial here to read the L.A. Times, but to me it doesn't stand up to the NYT, but I am biased.

I believe that most of America is brainwashed by the media to accept what they are given.  Most Americans have not been outside the U.S. or if they have, they haven't lived outside the U.S.  I think it is important to do that once in your lifetime.  Even if it is for one month, that one month can open your eyes to so many different things.  We, as Americans, take what is given us as fact and do not question our livelihood.  When I watched the local news daily, I wondered why I couldn't go to sleep at night, why was I so anxious?  When I realized that I became anxious watching the news, I turned it off and have been able to sleep better in general.  Life is hard enough, that we don't need the media breathing down our necks of the next natural disaster, war, or man made disaster.  Enough already.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

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