Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Opportunities Abound...

Hi Everyone,

For the next few days, I have a few opportunities coming up.  I am going to an orientation on working for the federal government.  Since I have made the decision to try and buy a condo or townhouse in the next five years, I thought I should try and find a job that will help me pay down my student loan debt which is a mortgage payment in itself.  Tomorrow is the orientation and then on Thursday, I have an audition for a theatre company in L.A.

I read an article when I first arrived to L.A. about Jayma Mays, from Glee and she said that she got her start at the Knightsbridge Theatre, so I sent off my info asking for an opportunity to audition when the time came around.  I received an email today asking me to audition on Thursday at 8PM.  So I am preparing a 2- minute monolgue for the audition and hope that everything goes well.  It would be a paying acting gig and give me lots of experience too.

Tonight I got to see what a true Lakers fan looked like.  I thought Philly fans were bad, but I think they have found their west coast counterpart in Los Angeles.  They are very passionate, angry, vengeful fans and I wouldn't want to be a Celtic fan at a Lakers home game.  I am still rooting for the Celtics though.  East coast all the way!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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