Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Today, was a pm shift day.  I am not a fan of the pm shift because I would rather begin my day working and come home and relax.  I don't particularly enjoy waiting for my shift to begin and then have to come home from work and get ready to go back in 12 hours later.  But during the pm shift the money is better.
So I try and deal with it.  I am going to apply to 24 hour fitness and see if I can work the early day shift or the 3rd shift so that I have a little bit more money coming in.  I want to get my eyes checked out, because I need a new pair of contacts, and my glasses are all scratched up since they are going on 4 years old.  I also want to take another acting class, because with the new TV season starting to film again in July I want to have something to send to managers and agents so that they know I am out there doing something with my craft.

Auditions for Candida are in July and I am excited for them.  I still have to read the play in full, which I plan on doing in the next few days.  I also will have to pick out a new monologue to help me with the audition.  I have been trying to find a comedic monologue for almost 6 months now, that I feel comfortable with and feel I can execute it as natural as possible.  It is true, what they say, comedy is harder to do than drama.  As an actor comedy has to look more natural and organic, as if I am clearly just thinking up the dialogue as I say it.  It is also takes a lot of energy to do comedy.  If one isn't prepared, it could be very difficult to do multiple takes of the same scene.  Many people, not in the business realize how tiring and physically taxing acting is on our bodies.  By making our bodies and minds become something they are not, takes a lot of concentration and listening to make it work.  I tell friends and family that they should try and concentrate on their breath for 2 minutes and see how well that works.  Actors concentrate for at least 2 minutes per scene and must be focused.  That is why it is considered art.

Now I must focus toward going to bed, as my eyes will not stay open much longer.  I need to be back at work in 10 hours and I need my beauty rest :)

Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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