Friday, June 4, 2010

Life is Unfair

Hi Everyone,

One of my biggest pet peeves in the world is being treated unfairly and watching other people being treated unfairly.  Today, we learned at work that one of the owners, Alex, who is the original owner of Vinny's is bowing out of the business, due to another of the owners, Mike wants to make Vinny's Pizza into Rock N Fish Brew.  Mike, already owns 4-5 restaurants and a hotel.  He does very well for himself.  When Alex came up with the idea to expand Vinny's and take the abandoned lot next to the Pizzeria and make it into a Beer Garden, Alex recruited Mike and Dave to help finance it.  Now it seems Alex is being overthrown.  So come July 1st Vinny's Pizza will be Rock N Fish Brew and be corporate.

Now, I love Alex.  He works hard, he is good to his employees, but he doesn't have much business sense.  Mike I see once a week and he is very shrewd and strict, which makes sense to me knowing how successful he is.  Most of the employees are afraid of him and are uncomfortable around him.  Since I worked for the devil incarnate in NYC, Mike doesn't scare me like John did, but I respect the man and keep myself busy when he is around.  Alex runs the place as if it is his home and we are all family, Mike runs it as if he is paying us and we aren't allowed to stand around twiddling our thumbs.  I don't know how I feel about this new development.  I am afraid that Mike's changes will be too much for this small town to handle.  El Segundo is nothing like the beach towns of Manhattan and Hermosa Beach.  The crowds aren't there either.  But, Alex assures us that we are going to make bank this summer.  I think it will be lucrative for anyone working Friday and Saturday nights.

Today, I got to work at 9:45am for a 10am shift.  No one else began showing up until 10:30am.  A co worker even showed up at 11:15am and proceeded to say that she had to be out by 4PM pronto.  Then it just so happened that she got an 18 top table, then a 12 top table, and then ended with another 18 top table. I had 4 tables of 2 people each from 11-1:30PM and then I stood around rolling silverware, cleaning counter tops and anything else I could do until 4PM.  I got really angry when one of my other co-workers who was working inside decided to clock out 45 ahead of time and I had to take his tables at 3:55PM.  I ended up transferring the tables to the new crew.   I wasn't about to waste another 2 hours of my time for another 7 dollars.  My sales for the day were $160.  My co-worker with all the big tables had sales of $600.  I made 20 dollars, I can imagine what she made.  I get p.o'd because at our job we have a seat yourself policy.  I am never able to gauge what my earnings for the shift will be.  I could be the one who gets all the big tables one night and then 2 tables the next.  But it always seems as if I am getting stiffed somehow.  I am upset over the way Alex was given the boot at our restaurant and I believe it is greatly unjust toward a upstanding guy.  I am also upset over the way the sections and the way the seating is done at the restaurant and I am not sure how it can be rectified without over hauling everything in the place.  Come July 1st I guess I will get my answer.  To be continued...

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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