Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lessons of the Universe

Hi Everyone,

Today, I was up bright and early at 4:30am.  So technically, it wasn't bright outside.  I am not sure what woke me up at such an hour, but I woke up with a lot of energy to burn off.  So, I did some sit ups, then some push ups, a bunch of stretches and tried to hold the plank pose for 3 full minutes.  Three minutes is Loooong!  I'm just saying.

At 9am I hopped in the car and was off to my aunt's elementary school for the graduation ceremony.  The teachers had videotaped the children throughout the school year and presented it as a 25 minute video for the parents and family.  It was very cute and showed the personalities of all the children.  I got to get a few smiles out of the students I had met before.  They are so precious and genuine reactions that my heart goes out to them even more when I am able to get a smile.

Today, was my only day off for this week, since I was on vacation.  I am wary of the turnover that is going to take place on July 1st.  There must be a lesson I need to learn from this because I find in every job that I get hired for starting when I was 14, the management or the business changes hands soon after I arrive and the employees are thrust in a very awkward position of transition.  I try and take the transition gracefully and not have the changes affect the way I work.  I haven't figured out what I am missing from the lessons yet.  Maybe that is the point, that I am aware I am missing something.  When I finally learn whatever it is I must learn, I will let you know.

I am going to go to bed early tonight, since I was up before the crack of dawn.  Hopefully, it won't become a common occurrence unless it is for a call time to be on set.  I have been trying to find a show that I want to be on, so that I have a goal to go for.  My previous goals were Law and Order (cancelled), Battlestar Galactica (off the air), Lost (off the air) and House (starting it's 7th season).  I am sure that House isn't going to be on much longer, so even though it is still a goal I found that I am going to strive and be on True Blood because I know it got renewed for a 4th season last week.  Of course I would love to have a pilot show that is successful, but I also have come to admire a lot of television actors for the roles in the shows I love.  I would like to work with them.  I don't know if Hugh Laurie would do another television show after House, but I would love to work with him.  I am putting it out in the universe!  So Universe, I hope you are listening, ole buddy ole pal!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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