Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Because

Hi Everyone,

So now that I make some money I find that I have begun making lists again.  I don't really like that I have begun this habit again.  It makes me stressed out, or less hopeful if that is possible.  I begin to think "If I just had this amount of money" I could do "this".  I have been looking at a lot of real estate lately.  Mostly townhomes and condos because I can't imagine having a house for just myself.  I get spooked out alone in my apartment at night, so having a house aprox. 1500 square feet or  more just feels like many sleepless nights to me.

Back to my list.  I write down what I need right away, like, food, laundry money, gas  money, bill money etc.  Then I make a list of things I would want if I had a little extra cash for example, pedicure, a new bathing suit, dumbbells, a bunch of DVDs, etc.  Lastly, I have a list of big items, like, plane ticket to go back east to visit, down payment for a townhouse, money for furniture for townhouse, be able to buy a brand new car, etc.  The first two lists I  always have a way that I am going to afford them sooner or later, but the last list is mostly a pipe dream unless I really buckle down and make it happen.  I find I don't usually give myself the time or the patience to buckle down and make it happen.  As I get older I realize the last list stresses me out, more than it excites me.  I would think that visiting family and friends or buying my first property would be overly exciting, but instead I am thinking about how I wouldn't have enough time to visit everyone I wanted, or I wonder how much taxes are on a townhouse in Southern California.  These thoughts are so not cool and are a big party pooper to my lists.  That is why I have decided I hate that when I start making money I start making lists, because I start thinking of things that aren't even a part of my life, just because.  Poop.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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