Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inspiration Kicks In

Hi Everyone,

When I signed in tonight Blogspot gave me an option to redesign my site since they had more templates available and I am afraid I went a little overboard.  Sorry if the color hurts your eyes.  I just needed a change.  Out of the two blogs I have, this is my least favorite creatively.  I feel as if I am in an office cubicle with bad lighting.  I enjoy the look of my other blog alot more.  

Tonight, I had my audition for the Knightsbridge Theatre Company and it went well.  I rocked my two minute monologue and was asked to stay for an interview with the treasurer of the company.  The President, VP and Secretary were facilitating the auditions.  I hope I get it because from what I have read, seen and felt while there, I think this company would be a great place to learn.  I have always been a believer as an actor that I learn more by observing other actors.  To be surrounded by people of all ages and stages of their career would be beneficial to my craft.

My first few weeks here, I read an article about Jayma Mays, from Glee getting her start at the Knightsbridge, because someone saw her in a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and she got her manager and agent through that show.  She also went on to say that the director of the theatre was someone who gave her the space to try different things and make mistakes.  That is who I am looking for in a teacher.

In NYC, my acting teacher Steve Perlmutter, gave me the space to do my work, prepare and rehearse.  Then he was able to give me constructive criticism that I was able to use to pinpoint where I need to work as an actor.  From my interview with Vicky, it seems that Joseph the theatre director works in the same way.  I miss the support I had as an actor in NYC, more than anything.  If I get invited to be part of the company I get to learn all aspects of the theatre and also perform.

Isn't it funny, how just a few weeks ago I went on to say that I was taking a break from acting for a bit, but somehow the universe won't let me.  Thank the Lord!  The surprise audition and the feedback I got from the group was enough to keep me excited and even though my limp is more pronounced recently it shouldn't hold me back on what I love to do.  So no matter which way this rolls, I've got to keep going.  I will do everything I can to juggle both.  I can.  I will.

I also made a pact with myself that my romance novel will be done by my 34th birthday in the beginning of September.  Jen is holding me to it and keeping me focused.  Even though it has been a tough 6 months, I hope that the next 6 months are full of opportunities and projects, I could only dream of.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,



  1. Good Luck in getting the opportunity to work there. It sounds like you pretty much rocked it. You gooooooooo Girl!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love the new look and I'm crossing my fingers for this theater company - sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered!