Monday, June 21, 2010

Grandpa Bob's Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting for the past few days.  The surprise 90th birthday weekend was a huge success and frankly wiped me out.  I would find that I was in bed by 10:30PM and would be snoring by 10:31PM.  I have never been that tired in a long time.  It was one of those periods where I never dreamed, so that when I woke up I still felt tired.

Grandpa was floored on Saturday as each of us would walk around the house and "nonchalantly" wish him Happy Birthday.  He was sure that my brother and sister would not be able to make the festivities and he honestly never thought Aunt Peggy would come out to celebrate.  We had Aunt Peggy come around the corner last, and poor  Grandpa lost it.  He was thrilled and bawling and repeating, "Holy Hell, Holy Shit" over and over for about 2 minutes.

It is always fun to have the family together and also interesting to observe  how we all work as a "family".  Little Mikey, my cousin Shauna's 3-year old son loves my dad, so they were entertaining each other, then Mikey took to my brother, Tim  and they got along for some time.  My cousin Kevin, had everyone in stitches with his off color jokes of the family and obnoxiousness.  My mom was all about having a good laugh which was always at her expense when it involved her sisters.  I realized my mom is a really good sport.  My dad is the sarcastic one, who gives the one liners and that my grandfather is really good at that too.  My Aunt Lorraine is the quiet one who loves to make daquiris and walk when she is supposed to hop doing the potato sack race.  My Uncle Joe is the family BBQ'er and is a good foil to my dad's sarcasm.  They play well off each other.  My cousins Kevin and Mike are also really good at trash talking each other that borders on unrequited anger from their childhood.  My cousins Brian and Robert, just want to have a good time, talk a bit, play volleyball and drink.  My sister Megan, wants to hug and kiss everyone because she only gets to see them all every few years or so and she has to catch up on her lovey dovey ness that defines who she is in the family.

We got to meet Megan's boyfriend Jason, who is the male version of Megan.  I never knew there were such genuinely nice people in the world times 2.  He got the hang of the families and was able to trash talk and goof around with us within 24 hours.  That is a good sign that he will be accepted.  Caitlin, got a few shopping days in and we were able to talk about the wedding so Megan and I have an idea of what she is looking for in a bridesmaid's dress.  Megan and I told her we weren't picky, that she could pick out the dress and we wouldn't veto it.  I am getting excited for Tim and Caitlin's wedding because I realize a year is going to go by so quickly!

For Grandpa's gift my Aunt Lynda, Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Bobby and mom collected a bunch of pictures of grandpa from when he was a kid to recently and put it to a slideshow.  I couldn't believe that when the photos of my grandfather's time in the Navy came up, Grandpa was naming off all the men.  My dad said that in the past few months grandpa has been telling stories no one has heard and they can't believe how much he remembers.  It was a fantastic weekend and like all things, fantastic, it went by way too fast.  Now I need a nap :)

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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