Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting It Together

Hi Everyone,

Today, I got everything squared away.  I officially accepted my invitation into the Knightsbridge Theatre Company.  I got my plane ticket to Las Vegas for Thursday to Monday and I saved the money I wanted to for this week.

I got a surprise at work tonight.  My Aunt Peggy and my cousin Robert stopped by to surprise me and have dinner.  Robert is going to be moving back to Torrance.  He currently is going to move into the house he owns in Torrance and rent out the townhouse he has in Huntington Beach.  Everyone is excited about it.  I think Robert misses being around his family and now he can be.  So that is exciting.  Also I was bombarded with requests for Robert's number by at least 5 women in 10 minutes time.  Aunt Peggy, Robert and I just laughed about it, because as Robert reminds Aunt Peggy, "Ma, face it, you have a bona fide "catch" here."  Which gets us giggling all over again.

We had our meeting this morning at work and I am not sure anything is going to be accomplished.  I guess I will have to be patient and see.

I was excited over the England vs USA World Cup game today.  Granted, we shouldn't have gotten the goal that we did, but I was sure that the way we played in the second half would have tied up the game either way.  I feel bad for the goalkeeper of England because he is not going to be able to live that down if this ends up blowing England's chances later on in the competition.  I didn't like the way the USA played in the first half, but they showed a lot of improvement in the second half.  They seemed like a team that could beat England.  I am really excited for this year's competition.  I know a few people who are going to South Africa specifically for the games and I am very jealous, in a good way.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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