Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Meeting of a Sleepy Dwarf Ready to Party

Hi Everyone,

Tonight, I went to the first meeting as a member of the Knightsbridge Theatre Company.  It was funny, exhilarating, inspiring and hopeful.  Everyone was very welcoming and were joking with one another and making it all feel as if they were family.  It reminded me of when I was in high school drama club and we all had a great time.  It was the reason I wanted to become an actor.  To feel that camaraderie.  I am very hopeful that I have a positive experience with this company.  I feel I could learn a lot from everyone.

I want to talk about the freeways.  The meeting tonight, was at 7:30PM.  I left my house at 6:20PM and got 15 miles in an hour and 5 minutes.  When I am moving at a snail's pace, I realize I get very tired, very quickly.  It is hard to concentrate on the car in front of you when you are trying to keep your eyes open.  This has never happened to me before driving on the East Coast, but I believe because I am still moving, but so slow that the car rocks back and forth, I put myself to sleep.  As soon as I am out of the car, I am fine, but if I am stuck in traffic, forget about it.  So I do what every normal person does, I stick my head out the window, like Ace Ventura, or the Basset Hound in the car beside me.  The wind hits my face and I am immediately refreshed.

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Vegas for grandpa's surprise 90th birthday.  I also get to see Tim, Caitlin, Megan, Mom, Dad and meet Jason for the first time.  It should be one hell of a party!  Can't wait to see everyone.  I am off to pack!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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  1. Tara!! I'm finally back online. We ran a wire from the "big house" and we're on! Wooo! Congrats on Knightsbridge, that's awesome. Atticus has a cousin whose name is Arrow. He'd like to meet him. How's the foot? Oh, and car dealers suck! Tell grandfather we all say HBD!!! 90 y o, wow! Have a great weekend! Hugs and kisses to you and yours! V