Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cleanse Makes My Body Healthy

Hi Everyone,

Tonight I worked the pm shift and I let the stupid crap that happens at this place get to me.  I made my night miserable.  The thing about when I make myself miserable is that I don't voice how miserable I am or how aggravated I am, which pisses me off more.  I don't know why I do it to myself.

So yesterday I decided to cleanse my body.  Since moving to L.A. I haven't been walking as much as I used to and my belly is showing the affects of it.  Even though I still weigh the same, my clothes say otherwise, due to my belly has lost a lot of its definition and muscle.  I never realized how much walking does make your body better.  I use to be slimmer in the waist and my belly was smaller.  So, yesterday I bought tons of veggies to make salads for the week, tons of fruit to eat for breakfast, fresh bread, yogurt and fudge sticks.

The first thing I did this morning was have a glass of water as soon as I woke up.  I will be the first one to tell you, I don't like water.  I constantly have to remind myself and make myself drink it.  I realize that most of my belly is probably water weight, since I weigh the same that I did 6 months ago.  Instead of my usual Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal, I had a fruit bowl with melon, honeydew, strawberries, raspberries and red grapes and a piece of french bread with coffee and water.  Three hours later, I had some oatmeal and water, two hours later, I had a turkey and swiss sandwich on wheat, with a fudge pop and 2 glasses of water.  Then I had a salad made with romaine lettuce, sweet tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and grapes with a dab of raspberry vinegarette and you guessed it....water...2 glasses again.  I made myself drink 10 glasses of water.  I drank 8 of them before I had to go to work because I know how busy I can be on a Saturday night sometimes and I don't have time to drink while I am working.  The hardest thing about this, was at 8PM my stomach was growling, but I can't have anything to eat.  It is true what they say about eating soon before you go to bed.  So I drank water.  EEEK :)

Now my stomach is growling and my mind is trying to convince me there will be no harm done if I make myself a sandwich or have a bowl of cereal.  I know me.  I will have a sandwich and a bowl of cereal, then be wide awake and miserable because I ruined my cleanse on the first day.  I was telling Jen, that I always seem to get into these healthy food kicks in the summer as if my body automatically says feed me veggies and fruit, because you have stuffed me with junk food and meat the rest of the year.  It's true.  I wonder if I will have the winter time munchies like I did on the East Coast.  I know that when I first moved here, my body wanted to eat salads and fruits, but it soon got over that LOL!  I guess in 6 months I will find out.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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