Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boy, Am I Sleepy

Hi Everyone,

I am purely exhausted today.  I had a full day today.  I woke up bright and early and began cleaning my room and doing my laundry because I had to go to the Federal Gov't orientation this afternoon before work.

The orientation took place at the same hotel I stayed in when I came to look at apartments last November.  The presentation began at 2PM.  I got there a little after 1:15PM and the conference room already had half capacity.  By 1:45PM the place was full and no one else was allowed in the room.  The facilitator was very thorough and concise.  He told us that there are a lot of jobs available in this area, but no one has been able to pass the test to become a federal employee.  He went on to say that when people take the test the average score is 35.  The passing grade is 70.  He gave us a practice test.  I scored a 40.  It was because I didn't pay attention to the questions.  For example.

What is the northern most state in the United States? : A. Maine B. Minnosota C. Washington D. North Dakota E. None of the above.

I said it was Maine because it is the most northern state out of the choices, but I didn't even consider None of the above because I wasn't considering the the rest of the U.S. eventhough it plainly said so in the question.  Out of 100 people at the orientation 2 people passed with a 70.  And that is the lowest passing grade you can get on this test.  Thankfully it was practice.

The man then explained that we had to have a federal government or military resume.  If we didn't know how to make one, and mailed a business resume to the gov't agency we would never be contacted.  The gov't makes sure that you follow directions to the T because they aren't able to fire their employees.  They make sure that the screening process is very difficult.  If people think they have the job experience to be hired, they must also have the KSA or knowledge, skills and ability to learn a new job and follow orders.  The gov't doesn't hire just anyone, since they are hiring someone with the hope that it lasts the person's full career, they want to make sure they have the right person.

After my orientation I went to work and I was told I had to handle a party of 30-40 and then  a party of 20.  I felt like I was back at Heartland Brewery.  It was pretty easy since everyone ordered pizza, beer or sodas.  The only thing I dislike about any serving job is how parents let their children run around everywhere, when there is hot food being served and glass cups for drinks that can be dropped with the amount of children we had running around the place.  I think there were approx. 50-60 children at the beer garden running around at the same time for 2 hours.  It was mayhem.  I think that is what really wiped me out.  So I am off to bed.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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