Monday, June 14, 2010

Being Resourceful and Ready

Hi Everyone,

I got an email from a friend of mine in NYC who I used to talk television with because we share the same taste in shows and he informed me that he is canceling his cable.  I think I shouted at my computer screen "NO WAY!".  It's funny how I didn't have cable for the past 2.5 years I lived in NYC, so I used and network websites to watch the shows I missed.

If I didn't have the premium cable channel I always read the recap in Entertainment Weekly.  As an actor I know about most of the shows on television, even if I don't normally watch them or have an interest in them.  But if I get called for an audition I will know what the story is about, how the characters connect with one another and have the overall gist of the storyline.

For example, I don't have HBO, but I can tell you that on True Blood, Sookie loves Bill, is attracted to Eric, is sister to Jason, best friends with Tara, works for Sam, is co workers with Lafayette and is able to read minds.  I also know that Bill was turned into a vampire during the Civil War,  Eric is a 1000 year old vampire, Sam is a shape shifter and poor Tara, Lafayette and Jason are the only humans in the bunch, but sometimes seem as if they are the craziest of all of them.  I know Bill turned Jessica in to a vampire and is an awful "mentor" to her.  It is also based in Bon Temps, Louisiana.  That is all I really need to know about the show.  Everything else I could learn from the script.

I love reading scripts.  As an actor, sometimes I glance through the script to see what "meaty" things I get to do or say.   Sometimes it is the simplest of lines, but I get a "Oh, boy, this is good" reaction running through my veins.  Then I read the entire script.  I mark the parts where I had my gut reactions and as I read through it again, I remember what I was feeling as I read the full scene.  It is a wonderful process that gets me giddy as if it was the first day of school all over again.  I can't wait until I can do that everyday as my career.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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