Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Can't Always Have What Your Craving For

Hi Everyone,

I am having a craving for an In N Out burger.  I have never had an In N Out burger.  I have just been told that they are the greatest burgers that fast food restaurants can offer.  How is it that I can have a craving for something I have never tasted before, but somehow my body knows that I am going to love it as soon as I do?  We don't have In N Out burgers in NYC, we have White Castle.  It seems that In N Out and White Castle are unknown to people that have not been to whatever coast each of them come from.

I have never heard of In N Out until I went to Las Vegas 10 years ago and even then we didn't try the infamous burger because it was seen as some sort of infidelity.  I have been told that what makes the burger is the sauce, which is ketchup and mayonnaise, or as I like to say, "Russian Dressing?"  It is now 11PM and Jen asked me if I wanted In N Out right now, because her friend, Juan wants to try it before he leaves for Colombia in a few days.  I was tempted but I was afraid I would have nightmares from eating so late.

It is funny how when I was younger I could get drunk and sleep like a zombie for 12 hours.  Now if I drink I am lucky if I am able to sleep 2 because I begin to sweat and have awfully strange dreams.  I also find that if I eat and go to bed on a full stomach the same happens.  Why?  What happened to my body in the last 10 years to warrant such a change?  Have I been that awful to you, body?  If I have, I apologize.  I do thank you because I can still drink coffee at anytime in the day and fall asleep fine.

So one of these days I will treat myself to an infamous West Coast In N Out burger and I will compare it to my favorite burger, Wendy's.  I love the square, saltiness of the Wendy's burger and that they put enough ketchup on it to use on my fries too.  I better go to bed soon, or I will be making a late night run and be up until tomorrow morning.

Until then.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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