Saturday, May 29, 2010

What You Talkin About, Willis?!

Hi Everyone,

Today was the first true day that it was gorgeous outside.  While I was working, I even got a slight sunburn.  I like it because it makes me feel healthy, but at the same time, I need to invest in a good sunscreen for this job.  Most of my shift I was waiting for a table.  While I was waiting, my feet were killing me, so after work, I drove to DSW and bought myself some good supportive sneakers.

As I get older, I really look forward to relaxing my feet.  I never paid attention before, but now I do.  I try and massage them and get the blood circulating.  This is also the time I realize I have to take care of my feet and take care of my car.  Since I haven't had a car for 5 years, I forgot the responsibility that comes along with it.  Since I got an older used car, I know that I must really follow through with getting my oil changes and tune ups on time.  I also have to sign up for AAA.

As most of you know, Gary Coleman died yesterday and his death made me think back to shows I used to watch as a kid.  The first thought I had was, "I wonder what Fat Albert would be called now?"  Back when I was a kid, the word fat meant fat.  It usually came with a negative connotation, but people used it regularly to describe people we now call either "big boned" or "heavy".  I loved Fat Albert.  I loved his friends, but I loved Fat Albert.  He was a cool cat.  He lived in the city, like I did and he had a bunch of friends that were just trying to grow up okay.  That had to deal with bad influences, bad ideas, and bad choices, but with the help of each other they made it through.  I wanted friends like that.

I remember as a kid, thinking since we moved so much that I would never have friends that I would know my whole life.  That was important to me.  To have childhood friends I kept in contact with.  Of course I don't have any childhood friends like my sister, who is still friends with people she was in kindergarten with, but I do have my group.  They all live in different parts of the world, but I know they would come to my rescue if I needed it and I vice versa.  My thoughts on Fat Albert, then progressed to Bill Cosby's Picture Pages.

How I loved Mortimer Ichabod Marker, with his archaic video game noises and Bill Cosby acting like a kid.  I loved the theme song.  Picture Pages, Picture pages.  Time to get your picture pages.  Time to get your crayons and your pencils...those little shorts they showed usually before a Fat Albert show were one of my highlights as a kid.  I used to want to order the book and marker so that I could follow along with Bill Cosby.

I wasn't a big fan of Different Strokes, but the passing of Gary Coleman has given me the chance to remember memories I haven't thought about in years.  It is sad to know that someone you grew up watching has passed.  It is strange what one person from your childhood can make you remember.  But I am grateful to Mr. Coleman for the surprising memories his death has unleashed.  May he rest in peace.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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