Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Training Night

Hi Everyone,

Today, I had to train one of the girls I work with to close down the restaurant.  Daytona, is the one who trained me and she wanted to know if I knew everything, so that if she wasn't working at night all of us would know how to close the restaurant.  I also have to train another girl tomorrow, outside in the beer garden.

We have been having uncharacteristic rain for the past few days and today was the first day without it, so we were a little busy.  I had to work the inside all by myself and Jessica and Daytona worked the Beer Garden.  I kept myself busy taking tables inside, plus playing expo to the kitchen and running out food for Daytona and Jessica.  It was nice to actually be moving around a lot.  I only made $20 but I was moving tonight so the shift went by a lot faster than it usually does.

I do like the people I work with, we all work pretty well together and we help each other out.  Tomorrow, I open the restaurant and train new people so that will keep me busy.  Next week I am going to begin getting back into acting again.  I have been lax in pushing for auditions and working extra work lately, but now that I know what I am dealing with at the restaurant I feel better about incorporating acting back into the schedule.  I will keep you posted.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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