Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slowly But Surely

Hi Everyone,

Today was my second day working the night shift at the Beer Garden.  We actually had people sit outside tonight and have dinner.  It was still a bit chilly, but the huge heaters went a long way tonight.  We did  have one out of two computers down, so that was a little getting used to, but I think I did okay.  We are still rotating our tables which is insane to me and hopefully we set up sections soon, like Friday when I have to work the lunch shift.  I am sure the weekend is going to be crazy! In a good way of course.

I went to the library yesterday and I am on a mystery kick.  So I got a mystery novel, a romance mystery novel and romance novel, because it is summer and I need some good summer books.  This morning I decided to go work out at the beach.  I walked briskly through the sand, or at least I tried to.  The great thing about that workout is that I had to concentrate and really try and stand up straight while pushing through the sand.  Then, as my cool down I walked along the shoreline where the sand is packed and wet.  It was glorious.  The water is getting warmer.  I am surprised that in just two weeks I can feel a difference.  I am so excited for the summer to arrive.  I realized yesterday, that I wrote a blog saying, that I would like to have a job outdoors and now I do.  How does that happen?  

I understand we are all living and that the universe is a living being also so that the energy I give off is the energy that will affect my life. I also believe in the power of prayer.  Maybe, I was intentionally praying when I wrote that, but I must of felt it strongly or wanted it more than I realized.  It is funny how things come together, right?  The restaurant is still a work in progress, but I am sure that I will be able to make money this summer.  Everything, hopefully will be worked out by Memorial Weekend when we officially open.  I think we will be fine.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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