Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sewing My Soul

Hi Everyone,

Today I walked to the Westside Pavilion, which is the nearest mall to me.  I walked throughout Barnes and Noble and came upon a book called, Shop Class as Soulcraft, by Matthew Crawford.  Now, for a few years I have had the urge to learn how to build furniture from scratch.  I have been frustrated by the high cost of crap furniture.  I want to have a beautifully made bed that is a reasonable price.  I saw this book and began to read how the author, who is Harvard educated and a P.H.D. to boot changed his lifestyle and opened his own plumbing and car mechanic shops.  From the jacket of the book, the author explains that he gets a lot more joy, use of his brain cells and human interaction as a "lowly" plumber, but he also argues that there is nothing embarrassing about knowing a trade.

Along, with my interest in learning wood work, I have also wanted to get back into sewing, knitting and croqueting.  I have never croqueted in my life that I can remember but there is something of a dead art in such things.   I would love to know how to use a sewing machine expertly and design my own pillows.  I found a Sewing Center in my neighborhood.  I haven't looked into it yet, but it is something I would like to explore.  As I get older, I find that I want to do things with my hands, I find that being in front of a computer all day, or being on my feet all day aren't as fulfilling as creating something.  A few days ago, I helped Jen put together a drawing table she bought for her room and I realized how much I enjoyed putting it together.  It wasn't difficult, it was soothing.  Plus, Jen and I were able to work talking or not talking, but either way the table came out really good.  When it was done there was a sense of accomplishment.

I'm not sure what I am searching for, but I hope that in the end I feel like I accomplished something of importance to me personally.  I find that a lot of the things I have accomplished were for the benefit of others and not me, so when I look back at the accomplishments I don't feel the sense of pride I think one should feel with their accomplishments.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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